We are not the largest group in York but have successfully provided opportunities for fun and adventure for Children in York, since 1923.

We do recommend adding your interest for your child to join the group from the age of 5, and encourage their friends to join too.  This way we can offer your Child a place at the term closes to their 6th birthday.

If your child is already 6 we may able to allocate them a place to start in Beavers now.  If your child is older they may also be able to join one of our other sections.

New members are given a ‘try out’ period to see if they are settled and enjoy it, we are sure they will!! If you and your child are happy they will then be invested and become part of the Scout Movement, opening up opportunities for fun, adventure and #skillsforlife.

Beavers (5 3/4 - 8 years)
Cubs (8 - 10 years)
Scouts (10 - 14 years)

Scouting at Lord Mayors Own (York) provides something for every young person.  it’s a great way to have fun, make friends and experience the wider world.  Scouting can change lives by encouraging and teaching young people to help others and make a positive impact on our local communities.

Please contact us for availability. We will then email you for some more information, and answer any questions you may have.